Chana Peanut Chunky Salad

Who says eating healthy isn’t fun?! Try this chapata salad recipe, it’s full of flavor and makes for a great snack. CHANA PEANUT CHUNKY SALAD RECIPE INGREDIENTS 1 cup Chana Dal 1 Onion finely chopped 1/3 cup Peanuts roasted 2 Tbsp Cointreau liqueur 1 Potato boiled & cubed 1 Iceberg lettuce chopped 1 tsp Red chili powder 2 tsp Chaat masala 3 tbsp Fresh lemon juice 1 tbsp Tamarind […]

Grilled Lettuce with Feta Cheese

GRILLED LETTUCE WITH FETA CHEESE RECIPE INGREDIENTS 2 bunches Iceberg lettuce 75 gm Feta cheese 2 tbsp Olive oil 2 tbsp Parsley chopped Salt to taste White pepper to taste INSTRUCTIONS Separate the leaves of the lettuce one by one and grill them in the oven for 2mins. Place in the fridge till it’s chilled and crisp. Place the lettuce […]

Poached Pear and Feta Salad

Warm and rich pudding Poached Pear and Feta Salad Recipe INGREDIENTS 1 Pear poached 2 tbsp Crumbled cheese 1 tbsp Pine nuts 1/3 cup Balsamic Vinegar 1 tsp Honey 1 tsp Black salt 500 gm Iceberg lettuce Salt to taste INSTRUCTIONS Mix balsamic with all seasoning and honey in a bowl. Mix lettuce, pine nuts and pears in a serving bowl. Drizzle dressing over […]

Pink Quinoa Risotto

It’s healthy and divine! Packed with nutrients and flavor, this delicious recipe is hearty and good for you. PINK QUINOA RISOTTO RECIPE INGREDIENTS 1 cup Quinoa 1/2 ltr Vegetable broth 2 tbsp Olive oil 1 Beetroot parboiled and pureed 1/2 Beetroot parboiled and chopped 2 cloves Garlic 2 tbsp Feta cheese 1/2 cup Edamame 1/2 cup White wine salt and pepper to taste INSTRUCTIONS Heat olive […]

Ruby Couscous

RUBY COUSCOUS RECIPE INGREDIENTS 1 cup Couscous 1 Beetroot 3 tbsp Feta cheese 3 tbsp Parsley 1 Onion 1/2 cup Corn kernels 2 tsp Black pepper Slat to taste 2 tsp Fresh lemon juice 1 tsp Mustard powder INSTRUCTIONS Soak the couscous in a warm water for 30mins. Drain and set aside. In a pan caramelise onions with 1tsp olive oil and 1tsp brown […]

Pesto Pine Nut Potatoes

PESTO PINE NUT POTATOES RECIPE INGREDIENTS 1 cup Pesto sauce 500 gm Baby potatoes boiled 1 tsp Red pepper flakes 1/2 tsp Oregano 2 tbsp Pine nuts Salt to taste For the Pesto 1 bunch Fresh basil 50 gm Parmesan 50 gm Pine nuts 2 cloves Garlic 150 gm Olive oil INSTRUCTIONS Heat oil in a pan and roast pine nuts till golden. Mix all ingredients […]

Complicated Desserts… nah!

The joy of creating something delicious, the smell of a freshly baked cake, the magic of all the flavours entwined to create a mesmerising experience in your mouth, that is what comes to mind when we speak of desserts. You’d hardly come across a person who isn’t interested in indulging in the sweet pleasures of […]

Banana Galouti Kebab

INGREDIENTS 1 ltr Milk 1 cup Raw banana mashed 1/3 cup Bengal gram boiled drained and mashed 2 tsp Black pepper Salt to taste 1 tbsp Full cream 1 tsp Coriander powder 1 tsp Cumin powder 1 tsp Cardamom powder Cooking oil INSTRUCTIONS Blend all ingredients in a food processor. Remove from blender. Consistency should […]

Winner of Gourmand Best in the World cook book awards 2014

Gourmand – Best in the World cook book awards 2014 The stage was set this time in Yentai, China. Though I was a bit confused in the beginning about why Yantai, but it was clear why, Mr Edouard Cointreau, Chairman Gourmand – cook book fair, had chosen this destination for the awards this year once […]