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Tiramisu Recipe


By Monish Gujral Published: August 23, 2015



    1. In a double boiler, heat the egg yolks and sugar together. Add dessert wine
    2. Cook till the mixture thickens
    3. In a bowl, mix the cheese and cream and add in the egg mixture and blend well. Set aside.
    4. In a serving dish, arrange the ladyfinger biscuits after dipping them in the coffee syrup.
    5. Once neatly arranged in a layer, pour over enough cheese mixture to cover the biscuits
    6. Now arrange the second layer of ladyfinger biscuits dipped in coffee syrup and repeat the process with the cheese mixture
    7. Sprinkle cocoa powder on the top and serve chilled

      First chef from India to be invited to Le cordon Bleu to demonstrate in Paris. Monish is credited with the trailblazing turn-around of Moti Mahal, from being a small but iconic presence in Delhi, to becoming a multi-national corporation that is well on its way to defining how the world eats Indian food. A traditionalist, Monish has remained true to the signature dishes that made Moti Mahal a legend, while reinventing the dining experience into one that is exciting and avant garde to suit modern sensibilities.

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