Malpua Recipe- Indian Sweet Pancakes

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Malpua Recipe


By Monish Gujral Published: May 14, 2013

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    1. Measure the milk and warm it. No need to boil the milk, just warm it. Add semolina/suji to the milk and mix well. Let it stand for 15-20 min. Again mix well.
    2. Add flour, sugar and mawa, mix well. Grate the mawa before adding to the mixture. If you do not get mawa, replace it with milk powder(1/2 cup) and ghee(1/2 tbsp). Add crushed fennel seeds and cardamom seeds. Cover the mixture and let it stand for at least 1 hr.
    3. In the meantime make the syrup. Add measured amount of sugar and water in a pan and let it boil. As the sugar dissolves completely, lower the heat to medium. Add cardamoms to flavor the syrup. Keep the syrup hot.
    4. The batter will be thick, almost like cake batter. Heat sufficient oil in a pan for deep frying. As the oil is heating up, bit the batter well. Add baking powder to the batter just before frying.
    5. When the oil is hot, reduce the heat to low. Take a ladle full of batter and deep fry till nicely brown. Keep the heat to medium-low. Take out on a paper lined plate. Dip it in the hot syrup.
    6. While serving, take the malpuas from the syrup to the serving plate and garnish with chopped dry fruits of your choice.

    First chef from India to be invited to Le cordon Bleu to demonstrate in Paris. Monish is credited with the trailblazing turn-around of Moti Mahal, from being a small but iconic presence in Delhi, to becoming a multi-national corporation that is well on its way to defining how the world eats Indian food. A traditionalist, Monish has remained true to the signature dishes that made Moti Mahal a legend, while reinventing the dining experience into one that is exciting and avant garde to suit modern sensibilities.


    1. Ghasitaram

      July 30, 2013 at 7:46 am

      I like Malpurs Sweets your sweets better than other sweets. thank so much your have share malpura sweets and sweets Article

    2. Neeraja

      July 4, 2015 at 4:12 pm looks so tempting and delicious!!

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