Buttered Nuts

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Poor mans nuts , may sound funny but is a fact .For centuries peanuts have been a source of energy and proteins and of course are more affordable than the other rich cousins nuts such as almonds or pistachios .

Delicious and crunchy peanuts are one of the popular oil seeds known to humankind since centuries. Humble peanuts are enriched with healthy essential nutrients They are actually legumes but carry almost all the qualities of other popular edible kernels such as almonds and pistachio etc

Peanuts are rich in energy (567 calories per 100 g) and contain healthy nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins that are essential for optimum health and a good source of dietary protein

Peanuts are said to be first cultivated in central America and spread to the world through the Spanish explorers

I have been not only fond of Peanuts as a snack but I love peanut butter as well.It s so delicious and probably one of the all time favorites with children when spread over a crisp toast along with tangy and sweet strawberry jam .I remember early morning doze of this high energy concoction my mother would indulge us before we went to school .The choice was banana or PBJ (peanut butter jam)toast , the latter always preferred without doubt .

I have discovered a simple mix which is always on my desk , so I can munch whenever i feel hungry .In a jar just mix one cup of peanuts, chocolate chips, raisins and pumpkin seeds .Try once and I bet you all will be addicted .Simply delicious .

Yet another digestive energy recipe involving peanuts

Buttered Nuts Recipe

Monish Gujral peanut snack

By Monish Gujral Published: May 3, 2015

    Poor mans nuts , may sound funny but is a fact .For centuries peanuts have been a source of energy and proteins and of course are …



    1. In a pan melt jaggery add in rest of ingredients and pour in a deep pan and let is cool .
    2. Cut in pieces and store in a box Eat after a meal as its good for digestion

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